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Lucky Guy S01 Hindi 720p 480p WEB-DL

Lucky Guy S01 Web Series All Episodes 720p 480p Download Watch Online Free

Lucky Guy S01 Hindi Web Series All Episodes

Series Name : Lucky Guy S01
Release date : September 6, 2023 (India)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Language : Hindi
Quality : 720p/480p WEB-DL
Stars: Swagger Sharma, Ankur Pathak, Gauri Chakraborty

Lucky Guy S01 Hindi WEB Series 720p 480p WEB-DL


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Movie Plot: The story revolves around a guy named “Lucky” who is apparently the luckiest guy in the world .

What happens when he losses his luck after living with it for 20 years of his life . Will he be able to fight back . The story starts from the birth of a child who happens to take birth in an extraordinary positioning of planets favouring his fate forever. To enhance his luck he happens to receive a “power stone” from a guru g in form of a blessing.

As Lucky grew , he eventually started to enjoy his biased luck and started being dependent on the same until after 20 years suddenly he realised that this ” Power stone” may have started acting against him as been mentioned by a friend.

Lucky decides to get rid of this stone which he’s been wearing since his childhood but he never imagined how his life is going to change as he will have to live like a powerless , ordinary man. Lucky has his best friend, love and career on stake. Will he be able to survive without luck ? Are there people around him – greedy about that stone ? Will “Lucky” be able to save his luck after all the mess or will he start working hard and let his luck go away ?

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